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Our Clergy

Fr. Brian Cokonougher: Priest in Solidum

Fr. Brian Cokonougher

Priest in Solidum

248-651-7486 ext 101 frbrian@standrewchurch.org
Fr. Joseph Horn: Priest in Solidum

Fr. Joseph Horn

Priest in Solidum

248-651-7486 ext 112 frjoe@standrewchurch.org
Rev. Mr. Marc Gemellaro: Deacon

Rev. Mr. Marc Gemellaro


Rev. Mr. Thomas Sliney: Deacon

Rev. Mr. Thomas Sliney



Our Staff

Barbara Pacella: Director of Faith Formation

Barbara Pacella

Director of Faith Formation

248-651-6571 ext 116 barbp@standrewchurch.org
Linda Martens: Faith Formation Support Staff

Linda Martens

Faith Formation Support Staff

248-651-6571 ext 121 lmartens@standrewchurch.org
Brenda Hueghens: Section Head

Brenda Hueghens

Section Head

248-651-6571 ext 117 brendah@standrewchurch.org
Gayle Durkin: Parish Secretary

Gayle Durkin

Parish Secretary

248-651-7486 ext 100 gdurkin@standrewchurch.org
David Seitz: Evangelical Charity

David Seitz

Evangelical Charity

248-651-7486 ext 115 davids@standrewchurch.org
Margaret Kozak: Pastoral Associate, Youth Group, OCIA Director

Margaret Kozak

Pastoral Associate, Youth Group, OCIA Director

248-651-7486 ext 105 margaretk@standrewchurch.org
Nicole Zakrzewski: Pastoral Associate, Worship

Nicole Zakrzewski

Pastoral Associate, Worship

248-651-7486 ext 104 nikkiz@standrewchurch.org
Christopher Kasperek: Pastoral Associate

Christopher Kasperek

Pastoral Associate

248-651-7486 ext 114 chrisk@standrewchurch.org
Paul Rybicki: Parish Business Manager

Paul Rybicki

Parish Business Manager

248-651-7486 ext 103 paulr@standrewchurch.org
Karen Gura: Parish Bookkeeper

Karen Gura

Parish Bookkeeper

248-651-7486 ext 109 kareng@standrewchurch.org
Stephan Pawl: Minister of Music

Stephan Pawl

Minister of Music

248-651-8466 ext 125 stephanp@standrewchurch.org
Steve Jordan: Maintenance Supervisor

Steve Jordan

Maintenance Supervisor

248-651-3050 maintenance@standrewchurch.org


Additional Contacts:

Additional Contacts

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Councils & Commissions Contacts:

Councils & Commissions Contacts

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Holy Family Regional School Information: Ms. Jeanette Izzi

Holy Family Regional School Information

Ms. Jeanette Izzi

248-299-3798 x 106